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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Holy Spirited Style

Fashion follows many faiths in Lauren Moshi's scripture of style.

Fashion and faith cross paths on the holy catwalk of cardinal-clad worshipping style with the Nail Cross and Mini Crosses. As the symbols are drawn with nails, Moshi uses the sharp object of hard metal to spell out L-O-V-E with the Love Nail. Devoted to expression of the heart in her art, Lauren Moshi draws the Diamond Heart symbolizing the commitment of love. City street fashion culture is pioneered by animal fashion and being a re-occurent theme in her artwork, Lauren Moshi takes the seriousness and luxury in nature driven prints epitomizing a sense of whimsy, fun, fable-telling illustrations as displayed in the large Wildcat Head. Using the feline drawing, Moshi creates a playful, fun-spirited Wildcat design that resembles a school mascot with the words "Varsity" and "Wildcats" around it. In the Aztec Birds artwork, Lauren Moshi draws a trio of bird-like shapes filled with intricate aztec-inspired designs. Following one another in a straight path, the flock of birds soar the southwestern sphere of the sky. On a rebellious ride that is all-American, Born to Fly features a Harley Davidson-like biker chain eagle soaring against the American flag.

 For many, a teddy bear is a first friend, a symbol of comfort, and the simplest of pleasures. Lauren Moshi brings you back to those early memories with her depiction of the classic tattered teddy. Fast forward a few years, and remember how before you knew how to act like a lady, you still wanted to dress like one. A polka dot bow feeds your (ever-present) feminine instincts. And whether school spirit raced through your veins or not, you can appreciate a throwback to pep-rallys and football games via Moshi’s panther design. Warning -- this image is so realistic, it may make you want to jump up and cheer.

 Present day, your career may be skyrocketing, your social life peaking, or your dating life has hit its stride, and one thing is clear – your stars have finally aligned. Announce it to the world (without being too obvious) in Moshi’s mini stars design. And we all know you didn’t get where you are today on luck alone – but it sure did help along the way! Pay tribute to lady luck with the horseshoe-based lucky crest. Finally, if the cycle of life and death is consuming your thoughts, Moshi’s color vine skull will distract you with its beautifully haunted feel. Too die for? We think so.

 Artist, Lauren Moshi, wanted to combine her two greatest passions, art and fashion, by bringing art alive into everyday life through fashion. Teaming up with her brother, Michael, the duo created Lauren Moshi, a canvas for Lauren¹s art through her and her brother¹s shared appreciation for quality fashion. Lauren Moshi¹s effortlessly chic style with a touch of bohemian rocker edge mixed with her appreciation for galleries, antiques and vintage bookstores fuel the feelings that are translated onto paper. The line is meant for those who appreciate the finer details, luxe quality and exclusivity.