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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Lauren Moshi Lands in Venice

In a capsule collection based on one of the most eclectic areas of Southern California, Lauren Moshi covers all aspects of the Venice Beach lifestyle through three very different designs. A hub for artists and epicenter of creativity, Venice Beach appeals to diverse personalities and is famous for its tradition of social change. It was in Venice that Jim Morrison founded the Doors, and Arnold Schwarzenegger's acting career began after becoming a regular bodybuilder at Venice's famous Gold's Gym ­ the "mecca of bodybuilding." Lauren Moshi channels all of this and more in her latest collection.

A detailed reference to the bodybuilding that takes place in gyms and on the sand all over Venice, Moshi introduces a literal interpretation of all the sculpted surfers and weightlifters with plenty of muscle to flaunt. Next up, a new animal style that is destined to become a favorite, the "Rasta Lion" brings reggae front and center, symbolizing a movement that is as laid-back as the citizens that reside along Venice Beach. And finally, Moshi¹s "Peace Beads" evoke a sense of community, spirit and social change -- a coming together of values and ideals in one hippie beach town.

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